Another one bites the dust? Milani Luminoso NOT discontinued

My first beauty-related heartache was a Lux facial cleanser. I must have been in junior high school when I found it: a transparent facial cleanser in a big pump bottle with what, I now realize, must have been glycerine goodness. I loved it so much since it made my skin clean and supple. When I tried to repurchase, however, the stuff could not be found anywhere! I looked and looked and looked. Oh the heartbreak.

Since then, many a heartbreaks have ensued, beauty and otherwise, and hearing that Milani is discontinuing its wonderful ‘Luminoso’ blush gives a little stab in my heart. Just a little, since I am fortunate to have one, which I suspect will outlive me.

So here’s a little ode to a perfectly glistening, peachy goodness of a blush. You had a short and good run, and your loss will be lamented in blogs to come.

EDIT 8 August 2013: Well, I should have waited for Milani’s response first before believing online news. I emailed them and they said Luminoso is not discontinued. They are running out of stock so have stopped offering it on their website, but it’s not discontinued. They expect fresh stock soon. Yay!

For those looking for dupes,’ Rose d’Oro’, also from the Milani baked blush line, can be peachy if you use as light hand; Milani ‘Amber Nectar’ Illuminating Blush is another alternative although it is much lighter in color.

milani rose doro amber nectar luminoso2Left to right: Rose d’Oro, Amber Nectar, Luminoso