The Little Prince has Grown

prince george3Kensington Palace released a series of photos of the toddle Prince George. So cute. And what he’s wearing sold out even before the official pictures were released.

We should invite them over. Put the three of them in batik, looking over Borobudur/some beach/ some mountain, and whole industries will go into overdrive for years to come. Ah, one can dream.

prince george2 prince george

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Eye-candy Alert: One-Woman Fashion Show Commences!

William, Kate and George Touch Down New Zealand
William, Kate and George Touch Down New Zealand

I am a fan of Kate Middleton’s fashion choices, so I’m excited to be treated to another one-woman fashion show. We’re in for a treat! Some sources I like to stalk: the Cambridges’ website (though usually not terribly up-to-date), ye olde bastion of English chatter, The Mirror,¬†Hello Magazine UK, and where Kate groupies congregate.

First off, the red ensemble (by Catherine Walker) is a nice surprise. Love the whole Jackie Kennedy vibe. But though the material seems heavy (it is entering autumn in the southern hemisphere, I believe), it is still prone to gusts. What is it with this girl and airport wind? Anyway, I think we’ll be seeing the coat again.

Second off, the expression on the baby! Understandable since it should be around 2 or 3 am UK time!