Review and Swatches: Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick Mrs. Mia Wallace

urban decay mrs mia wallace4Urban Decay has been getting props for their Revolution Lipstick an I’ve been wanting to try one, but was too lazy to pour over colors to make a choice. One day Temptalia had a post on makeup that people have back-ups of, and the one single item that got the most quote was the Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Mrs. Mia Wallace, a Pulp Fiction limited edition item. I looked around the blogosphere for swatches and when I saw Lipstick Rules wearing Mrs. Mia Wallace, I pressed the button. Two months later, the pretty is here.

Red lipstick is a staple, isn’t it? Of my stash, Edward Bess Ultra Slick lipstick in Midnight Bloom is the closest in terms of color and texture to Mrs. Mia Wallace. In fact, on my lips the two are identical. [I should do a post on Edward Bess lipsticks as they are my number one favorite lipstick of all time, really].Another beloved red is similar in color though not as opaque: Sally Hansen Natural Beauty in Rouge Doux.

In terms of texture, opacity, lasting power, and overall feel on the lips, this one is really worth the hype, and I can see why many people consider getting back-ups of this. Urban Decay describes this as deep blood red, and it’s spot on. It’s a posh color for sure, a blue red which makes my teeth really white. I will not be getting back-ups though – I’m not even sure if I’m even keeping this one. It’s too dark and somehow too posh on me, which makes it not an everyday staple (and also why I’m not into the cult MAC Russian Red and her sisters). All’s not lost though, since I really like the Revolution Lipstick texture and might get other color(s). If you’d like to try Mrs. Mia Wallace, Urban Decay still sells it online (it’s sold out everywhere else it seems).

red comparisons2
Red comparisons, natural light (click to enlarge)

urban decay mrs mia wallace3