Review and Swatches: Guerlain Parure Gold, Parure Extreme and Tenue de Perfection foundations

Guerlain foundations (left to right): Parure Gold, Tenue de Perfection, Parure Extreme
Guerlain foundations (left to right): Parure Gold, Tenue de Perfection, Parure Extreme

As mentioned previously, Guerlain Parure Gold foundation (number 02, Beige Clair) is my favorite foundation ever. Some blogs mentioned it will be discontinued, so I scrambled to find an alternative (after making sure I hoard another bottle).

It turns out that Parure Gold is not discontinued, and I have this straight from Guerlain France. They might in the future, but not now. But I scrambled already, and amongst the newer Guerlain line-up, these are closest to what Parure Gold offers, i.e. long-lasting and full coverage finish: Parure Extreme Luminous Extreme Wear Foundation SPF 25 and Tenue de Perfection Timeproof Foundation SPF20/PA++. Here are my thoughts.

Coverage. All are similarly long-lasting. I do not find a difference amongst all.

Oil control. Parure Gold wins. Tenue de Pefection and Parure Extreme have about the same level of oil control.

Texture. Parure Extreme is a little bit more runny. Also, Parure Extreme and Tenue de Perfection set more quickly compared to Parure Gold.

Shade: As you can see, even the same number yield different shades; heck even the same type in the same number in different forms (liquid vs powder) yield a different shade; note Parure Gold number 02 in liquid and powder. I actually have this in 03 with the actual compact, but have not been able to find it, and I’m afraid I must have misplaced it somewhere during my travels. Actually, I am not sure at first whether this refill is 02 or 03, but having swatched them together, I’m sure now it is 02, which is too light for my face but works well for highlighting and contouring. Number 03 is the better match shade-wise though slightly redder than the 02 liquid, if I remember correctly.

Anyway, let’s go through the shade one by one (see the comparison shade below).

Parure Gold No. 02 liquid, my HG, is too dark compared to my neck, but since my makeup bases of choice have white casts, it works out ok. I’ve also tried this in No. 03 (samples) but it is darker and redder.

Tenue de Perfection No 02 Beige Clair actually comes very close to my neck shade, although not green and yellow enough. I also bought the Tenue de Perfection No. 23 because this actually matches my tanned skin quiet nicely (I bought it while I had a tan from a week-long coastal trip). I got No. 23 over the purported yellow-based No. 32 (Ambre Clair) because 23 is actually MORE yellow, bordering on orange, and I thought would be a great shade to mix with the Tenue de Perfection No. 02.

Parure Extreme No. 24 is actually for my sister when I make her up, it matches nicely, and really not as dark as the swatch when buffed on skin. I also like to use this as a contouring shade, it works really, really well for me in this respect. I don’t contour with it often though as it is time consuming to do with liquid foundations. I’m not sure why I bought Parure Extreme No. 23 – it has become quite confusing, this matter of foundations.

So, bottom line. Since Parure Gold is not actually discontinued (yet), I should really extricate myself from this confusion, so I will be continuing with this one, in No. 02. Parure Extreme 24 is also a keeper, for my sister and for my contouring purpose. Parure Gold 02 compact too, for contouring. Everything else may need to be relegated to better homes.

Click to enlarge: Guerlain foundations (left to right): Parure Gold, Tenue de Perfection, Parure Extreme
Click to enlarge! Guerlain foundations Parure Gold, Tenue de Perfection, Parure Extreme compared with MAC BB Cream and Studio Fix Fluid