Review and Swatches: Colour Pop Too Sexy Lippie Stix

Colour Pop Too Sexy Maybelline Copper Pink (1)One of the most enjoyable things about makeup for me is finding items in my stash that, although purchased separately, go together well. Here’s a recent example. I finally got a Colour Pop Lippie Stix in a color that I love: Too Sexy, from the Back to Cool set (limited edition). Described as “deep red violet with a subtle blue flash in a matte finish,” I don’t have anything similar in my collection of 100+ lip colors. The color is absolutely pigmented and looks great on me; one swipe is all I need for opaque coverage; and it is long lasting.

If I can find fault with it, it is that it feels dry on the lips, yet slightly tacky. Not the most comfortable feeling. I tried layering a few lip glosses on top but nothing felt right, until on impulse I reached for Maybelline Copper Pink (Rose Cuivre is the French name on the label – it would’ve been sexier to name it Copper Rose, methinks). I bought Copper Pink in Phnom Penh circa 2009 or 2010, so time to finish it upĀ  before it goes bad – that’s why I’ve had it in rotation for the past few weeks. The combo of Copper Pink on top of Too Sexy (I use tapping motion so that the color do not blend too much) seems like they were made for each other, even though they are generations apart. Each is pretty on its own, but together they make a very attractive and multidimensional couple! It’s my current favorite combination, and a great way to finish up Copper Pink!

Do you have a ‘match made in heaven’ story of your stash?

Colour Pop Too Sexy Maybelline Copper Pink (1)


Review and Swatches: ColourPop Lippie Stix “I Heart This” (and a Comparison with 10 other Red-Based Fuchsia Lipsticks)

ColourPop Lippie Stix 'I Heart This Lippie'ColourPop has been creating so much buzz that as a card-carrying (or rather, product-hoarding) makeup aficionado, it’s getting embarrassing not to have tried something of theirs. So, when the chance to snap up a lightly-used ColourPop Lippie Stix came up (retail US$5), snapped I did.

Colourpop lippie stix‘I Heart This’ (not to be confused with the ColourPop eyeshadow with the same name) is described as a ‘red based fuchsia in a matte finish.’ Red-based fuchsias make up about a third of my lip stash, and most times when new to a brand and buying sight unseen, this is the color I get (and thus, the comparison galore with what I thought were similar ones).

This lipstick does not disappoint. It is opaque with one swipe, very comfortable on the lips, long-lasting, and the pen-like format is really nice for precise applications. One drawback for me is that it’s slightly drying after a full day non-stop wear.

Bottom line though, I like this lipstick, and thinking of trying out another color, perhaps a mauve-y beige that is my natural lip color. My collection is missing a long-lasting, nude matte color.

Compared with other red-based fuchsias in my stash
Compared with other red-based fuchsias in my stash, under direct natural lighting/sunlight (click to enlarge)
The same line up as above, but in indirect lighting
The same line up as above, but in indirect lighting