When Judith Leiber is Affordable [Review and Swatches. What, swatches? Yes.]

Judith Leiber nail polish2I never though I’d be able to afford something from Judith Leiber. Well, I was wrong. The other day, I spied a little box on the counter of a little spa. What could be in that box? Voila, a spanking new purple nail polish! At Rp110,000. 😀

Judith Leiber nail polishReally, sometimes Asia cracks me up. Asian makeup, especially. But this one is well done: nice box (if a bit sloppy), prety opaque color (that’s one layer in the picture below) and what a price! This baby came home with me. And I would like more, but could not find info on the brand online (except for one swatch of this exact same color). Whoever you are, you did a great job. Judith would be proud. Also? Judith probably don’t have rights over her name on nail polish, so you better get cracking at patenting it, ’cause you have a great idea right there.

Judith Leiber nail polish swatched