Teal versus Turquoise: The Difference

essie in the cab ana naughty nauticalEssie ‘In the Cab-ana’ (left) and ‘Naughty Nautical’ (right)

Nothing gets my rabid eyes going than arrival of a fresh batch of new nail polish. I’m so excited that I can’t decide which to try on first, ‘In the Cab-ana’ or ‘Naughty Nautical’, both from Essie.

I have been describing In the Cab-ana as a turquoise (blueish green), but right next to Naughty Nautical, it is decidedly a teal (greenish blue), don’t you think? Nothing like a comparison to show it for what it is — If one is to get philosophical about it.

These pictures were taken indoors at night, with artificial light (a trekking head lamp, haha). I think wearing both at the same time would solve my dilemma.

essie in the cab ana naughty nautica3Essie ‘In the Cab-ana’ (left) and ‘Naughty Nautical’ (right)

EDIT 14 August 2013: I added an outdoor, with natural light, picture below. Click to enlarge.

essie in the cab ana naughty nautical6Essie ‘In the Cab-ana’ (left) and ‘Naughty Nautical’ (right)