Product Review: Feet Exfoliation that Really Works!

Meidu Foot Peeling Mask - Copy

My feet are extremely sweaty, so I always wear sandals or open toe shoes. The downside is your feet are exposed to the elements, and get dry, scaly and hard. I exfoliate with brushes and stones at home, and have pedicures once or twice a month. But these treatments are barely scraping the surface and I don’t recall ever having baby soft soles.

The other day, I was looking around for something cheap to add into my Luxola cart to get free shipping. My sight set on the Leaders Clinic Mediu Foot Peeling Mask, only Rp87,000 (about US$6.5) and it was much less with a 30% code I had at the time. I’ve used foot masks before, but they were mostly for hydration purposes, not specifically for peeling. I wasn’t really expecting much, thinking that even I get the same results as from brushing, it’d be worth it.

When the item arrived, I waited a few weeks before trying it out, finding time when I would not be going much out and about. Upon opening, the package contains a pair of ‘socks’ that you put on each of your feet. This is similar to other foot masks I’ve used.The outside is a non-seeping material (plastic, I guess), and the inside is a second layer inside is steeped with a viscous liquid that is faintly scented. Once you put your feet in the sock, there is a tape outside to secure the stock around your ankle.

The instructions in the package recommends leaving the socks on for 1 to 1.5 hours. I left it on for 4 hours while I took a delicious afternoon nap in the middle of a long weekend. There is no discomfort whatsoever while wearing them. I then took them off and rinsed off my feet. There is a significant amount of the liquid left in the socks, so I carefully wrapped the package and stored them in the fridge.

Upon rinsing, right away I notice a tightness in the skin of my feet. After a couple of days, the dry skin started scaling off. I put on heavy moisturizers at night to ensure the new skin below does not dry. The packaging indicates that the dry skin will be peeled off naturally in 3 to 5 days.  Below is a picture into day 4.

Mediu foot peeling mask - after four days
Mediu foot peeling mask – after four days

As you can see, the peeling process is far from complete by day 4. While I can see some baby soft skin peeking, much of the feet were actually at it’s most dry and scaly. I cringe every time my bare feet touch my leg. I tried to help the process along by scrubbing vigorously every morning. By day 7, about 95% of the dry skin has shed. There were still some dry skin along the top of the feet, but for the most part, the soles are soft, soft, soft!

Mediu foot peeling mask - after 7 days
Mediu foot peeling mask – after 7 days

Obviously, this was a big success, much beyond my expectation. I would definitely recommend this, and I myself will be picking up a few during the next Luxola sale. However, I would recommend you allocate at least 6 days for the peeling process to complete, during which plans for wearing strappy sandals or putting your feet on someone’s lap would not be recommended. Just saying.