MAC Ellie Goulding Halcyon Palette: Review and Swatches


My Halcyon Days palette from the MAC and Ellie Goulding Collection has landed! I’m a big fan of Ellie and there’s a few posts here on her music, but it was a pleasure to support Ellie’s makeup collection too. And one that I am liking a lot!

I chose the Halcyon Days palette ($44 from MAC but about $60 through purchase order) mainly because I love MAC cream color bases (CCB). I have a few in red and pinks which I use as blush and lip color – they are very pigmented, true to pan in term of colors, long lasting, and just an overall pleasure to use. I also wanted to try MAC’s blot powder, included in this palette.

Let’s go over the CCBs first.  MAC was relatively accurate describing the colors as they translate on my skin. Color #1 Wish I Stayed is a light cream pearl and #2 Tint is a peachy brown, and both are good for eyes and lips in my case. Note that I don’t use highlighters – I have my own internal glowing mechanism i.e. my oily skin – otherwise #1 and #2 would also be good as highlighters. Color #3 Root is a taupe brown with shimmer, good for the eyes. Color #4 Everytime You Go, is a peachy pink, suitable for eyes and cheeks, but washes out on my lips if on its own. I double it up with #2 for a more wearable look.

All the CCBs are nicely emollient, sparkling in color, and blends easily. Using fingers are best for these, I find. The one downside of these is that they are not as long-lasting as my other CCBs. Without primer, on eyes, these fade noticeably after a couple of hours, and after 4 hours, only about 50% remains on my eyes. As blush, #4 lasted a bit longer but again, not as stellar as my other, full-size CCBS. I have not used them with primer yet.

The blot powder is describe as ‘medium dark’, and it’s really not that dark. I think even darker gals (NC 45) can use this – it is very, very sheer. A really good match for my NC25 face. This is definitely great for blotting, and for dusting over the CCBs to tone down the shimmer without sacrificing color. However, it’s not very good in controlling oil.

Overall, no regrets in this purchase. I really enjoy using the CCBs and the blot powder together, and if I may say so myself, it gives a very ‘Ellie’ look. My eye area has gotten drier as I age, and using these CCBs as eye color is a real pleasure. This palette would also be great for travel and I can’t wait to take it places.

Bottom line: no regrets even at the inflated price I obtained it for, and recommended for those who want to try MAC’s CCBs, and those with dryer skin.

MAC Halcyon Days palette
MAC Halcyon Days palette

MAC Halcyon Days Ellie Goulding (4)

[Music] Delirium: Ellie Goulding’s new album

Another of my holiday joys is Ellie Goulding’s new album, Delirium. Love everything, especially the track Army. The acoustics version showcase her amazing vocals; the Victoria’s Secret version elevates it to its full glory. Enjoy!

PS: Ellie has a MAC collection out. I’m still debating what to get, if any. Perhaps the Halcyon Days palette,as I love MACs cream color bases.

Review: Soundtrack from 50 Shades of Grey

The novel was lame. Just so you know. I tried reading a couple of random paragraphs, but it’s really pretty badly written, with bare bones vocabulary and poor dialogs. Really, ladies. The internets will give you better ones in this genre.

I have no interest in seeing the movie either (that can change though, as Dakota Johnson looks absolutely gorgeous in the trailers, and I’m a big fan of her mom), but the movie soundtrack, now that’s something else. I’ve been a big fan of Ellie Goulding, and found the soundtrack from Ellie’s Love Me Like You Do. The rest of the soundtrack is great, a combination of sweet ballads (Ellie Goulding),faster beats (Vaults! A delicious discovery), and oldies (Frank Sinatra). Preview the songs here.

Girl Crush: Ellie Goulding

Yes I am late to the party, but Ellie Goulding is all kinds of awesome! Perhaps like the hundred millions who just discovered her, I got hooked via Beating Heart, the soundtrack of the movie Divergent (which I’ve yet to watch, along with its sister franchises). But her last album, Halcyon Days, is full of gems beyond this son; I’m currently loving ‘Don’t Say a Word’. The whole live gig here is a fun thing to watch (or have as a running background to your deadline). Thanks to LoveLiveTV!

Bonus: this acoustics version is also smashing:

NOTW: Essie It’s Genius and OPI Pink Yet Lavender

NOTW Essie Its genius OPI Pink yet lavenderNothing says ‘weekend’ (or ‘summer break’) than a sparkling, glittering manicure. The mood is instantly lifted a few degrees. Essie It’s a Genius was from winter 2008 and worn once (!) until I found it buried amongst my preciouses. OPI Pink yet Lavender is newly acquired.

I’ve recently discovered all that’s Elllie Goulding. I’ve had Halcyon Days playing non-stop for the past week, and doubtless the weekend. This is a current favorite.

Have a lovely and relaxing one!