[Local] Sariayu Inspirasi Papua Colors of Asia 2015

sariayu colors of asia inspirasi papua 2015

My favorite local cosmetics brand recently launched their 2015 Collection: Inspirasi Papua Colors of Asia. The adverts are eye-catching, but what caught my eye was the double-sided lipsticks. I swatched them yesterday.

Below are swatches of the lipsticks, in sets of 3 swatches where the first is the lipstick swiped fully, and the next two a swipe of each side of the lipstick.

  • PK 01, a muted pink and a beige/flesh tone color
  • PK O2, a red and a peachy pink
  • PK 03, a burgundy and a strongly yellow orange.

The most wearable amongst these would be PK 02. The red is definitely office friendly. The most stand-out color is the burgundy side of PK 03. The orange side PK 03 is strongly yellow for an orange; it’s not really flattering for the medium-toned Asian skin. However, I’m quite sure that mixed together, the two colors of PK 03 can yield the brownish red that is the 2015 Pantone color of the year (Marsala).

Now comes the tricky part: application. As you can see, swiping the lipstick full on will not yield a meshing of color. You have to manually mix the colors either with a brush or fingers. Not easy and potentially messy. Further, applying only one side of the lipstick to the lips is also tricky and a bit uncomfortable as we’re so used to applying lipsticks blindly, don’t we? I wonder what would happen to the lipstick in the long run if only one side is used often.

Anyway, with a price tag of Rp48,000, these lipsticks are affordable. You get 3 colors in each tube, and bonus points if  you like all three. I did not buy anything yesterday as I wanted the tote bag that was bonus for purchases of Rp250,000 and the store was out of the totes. They’re still available online though, but I might just call ahead first to see if they still have the totes in stock. These lipsticks are also great souvenirs to give to your foreign friends since the packaging is very Indonesian and the color is quite universally flattering (especially PK 02).

sariayu lipsticks seri papua

In the picture below, lip color is the burgundy side of PK 03 after I wore and erased the orange side. You can see that the result is a brownish red and quite different than the hand swatch. The hand swatch color is more accurate.

sariayu colors of asia inspirasi papua 2015cSource of headline picture

Source of lipstick in tube picture