NOTD: Blue and Purple for the Holidays

I am nearing the end of a holiday of sorts. A window of about 2 weeks where I work at home with no obligation for meeting a soul for work. Thus? Unorthodox nail colors galore!

It is unfortunate how blues and purples are deemed ‘not work appropriate’. Who decided on that??

These are a couple of my favorite. Cirque Colors ‘Epoch’ is a soft shimmer blue with a slight metallic edge.

Cirque Color EpochCirque Color Epoch Cirque Color EpochCirque Color in 'Epoch'

Zoya ‘Yasmeen’ is my all time favorite purple. It is a dark purple that is not too dark to be mistaken for black. There is a golden edge when in full sunlight, the kind of soft, discreet gold shimmer that Zoya does best. Lovely for both hands and toes. It will also suit most skin tones, I believe.

Zoya 'Yasmeen'Zoya 'Yasmeen'  Zoya 'Yasmeen'Zoya 'Yasmeen'