Buy-One-Get-One-Free-Deal… UNICEF!

The United Nations Children’s Fund is one of the worthiest causes you can support. I’ve seen them in action at the field, and they’re often on the forefront of any disasters and calamity facing children. Resources are scarce, however, and right now, UNICEF United States is having a drive to match your donation one to one! So it’s like a buy one, get one free! You can pay by credit card of PayPal. For those in the US, your donation is also tax deductible!  Click now to donate!

UNICEF double deal july 2016

Alternatively, you can also donate by shopping UNICEF merchandise for yourself or as gifts. Check out the extensive jewelry and other shops.


PSA: The One-Woman Fashion Show is Back on the Road!!

Kate India Bhutan tourI do not use the double exclamation marks lightly – this is probably only the second time in my adult life. Or thereabouts. But! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are on a royal tour of India and Bhutan! Only two places I’ve always wanted to go to.

So far, the fashion does not disappoint. I love the very interesting Alexander McQueen red dress (above picture, left) – peplum and a split skirt, two of my favorite dress elements. Practical, to boot!

The Anita Dongre dress (middle) is both ethnic and contemporary. I love the color. I do wish she had opted for a shalwar kameez – that would have been practical for the cricket bout she’d have in that dress. But pehaps that would be too costume-y, too early, and too Diana-ish. Check out the story on how the dress had been altered and in turn, the altered version being offered by the original designer. What economic power house! *swoon*

The striking blue Jenny Packham evening dress is a lovely if too-safe option, especially considering she’s mingling with Bollywood elites.

For an engaging discussion of Kate Middleton fashion, check out the What Kate Wore Blog – the best blog ever on personal style.

Aaah, it’s going to be an enjoyable week. Bring on more of the one-woman fashion show!

kate middleton india bhutan tour
Source: The Telegraph


Cuteness Overload [NOT beauty-related]

Most times, I think social media is the dumps, all kinds of obviously uneducated imbeciles proffering all kinds of imbecile comments filled with curses and filth. What a waste of oxygen. But thank you to Charleston Girl for referring me to these cuteness overload! Live camera action of a nesting family of bald eagles in Washington, DC. They’ve been my online highlights these past couple days. This is technology I can get behind. Their feeding time is my favorite.

Watch them here.

2bald eagles in dc
© 2016 American Eagle Foundation, EAGLES.ORG
bald eagles in dc
© 2016 American Eagle Foundation, EAGLES.ORG


Welcome, Princess!

Tis a girl

As a self-professed Kate groupie, I will have to also commemorate the birth of William and Kate’s second child on this blog, a Princess! Check the awesome WKW blog for a recap of all the best news, it’s really a one-stop-blog for all my Kate cravings.

Can we take a moment to just ponder how amazing this woman is?  A prince, and now a princess. And 12 hours later (not even an overnight!), she came out looking like …that! *swoon*


[Local] Masalah Hutang Negara itu Bukan Nilainya atau Bunganya, tapi BOCORNYA!

ADB LIBOR based interest

Tempo hari baca berita kalau belum sekian hari, pemerintahan Jokowi sudah hutan xx amount. Baru inget lagi bahasan itu karena baca dokumen ini, info tentang tingkat bunga untuk pinjaman dari Asian Development Bank (ADB). I thought maybe I should post it here, mungkin ada yang ngira kalau pemerintah berhutang ke bank multilateral macam World Bank atau ADB, maka bunganya macam kredit panci atau kredit motor atau kredit korset. Ya nggaklah, ini kan yang pinjem negara, which is kemungkinan ngemplang bakal lebih kecil daripada Ujang si tukang ojek. Untuk hutang fixed rate 15 tahun dalam US$, ditambah bea2, maka bunganya kalau dari ADB …… jeng jeng: 3%! Tiga persen!

Rendah kan? Macam pinjem 100juta, bayar bunga Rp3 juta per tahun (atau Rp250rb per bulan).

Lha kalau begitu ngutang aja dong, apalagi kalau cuma punya uang dikit. Precisely. Yang masalah adalah, bocornya itu. Mulai dari makelar minta jatah, hutang dipakai beli barang2 gak perlu, sampai ada lho kasus hutang dibungain lagi lantas masuk ke kantong seseorang (lha bunga di bank Indonesia kan jauh lebih tinggi tuh). Lebih parah lagi kalo ngutang buat ngerjain sesuatu yang gak guna. Misalnya pemerintah ngutang, terus dipinjemin duitnya untuk bikin stasiun tv, dan stasiun tv itu kerjaannya pasang sinetron macam “Cantik-cantik, Serigala”.

Buat yang minat kridit ke ADB, perhatikan ya, ini utk pemerintah, kalau untuk private sector lain lagi ratenya.

The Little Prince has Grown

prince george3Kensington Palace released a series of photos of the toddle Prince George. So cute. And what he’s wearing sold out even before the official pictures were released.

We should invite them over. Put the three of them in batik, looking over Borobudur/some beach/ some mountain, and whole industries will go into overdrive for years to come. Ah, one can dream.

prince george2 prince george

 Picture source

Urban Hippies and Those Who Know Not Crap from Shit

urban foragersThis. Seriously. Next time I read a fundamentalist rant on the evils of the west – free sex, liberalism, godless heathens – I will go back to visions of these urban hippies and chuckle, boy those fundos don’t know their crap from shit.

Picture source: a collage of pictures from Google Images search of ‘urban foreger’