Getting on Board the Bright Matte Blue Eyeliner Trend

emma stone bright blue eyeliner

Bright matte blue eyeliner is having a moment. My girl crush Emma Stone gave it an unusual placement here. I’m not stranger to bright blue eyeliners, and have at least a couple shimmery ones. But a matte one?

I shopped my stash to see a possible dupe, and found it in my MAC Manish Arora palette – Electric Eel. It is indeed electric; very bright but it has never occurred to me to use if as eyeliner.

MAC Cream Color Base 'Movie Star Red' and MAC Manish Arora eyeshadow palette
MAC Cream Color Base ‘Movie Star Red’ and MAC Manish Arora eyeshadow palette (Electric Eel is 2nd from the right)

I like the result. It is a fun color, and drawn thinly with the help of Illamasqua’s Sealing Gel, is a very interesting and versatile look. I’ve paired it with various lip colors and it still looks good: pale pink, bright blue red, sheer orange and, particularly, bright warm/orangey red. Give it a try!

fotd blue eyerliner red lips

Color Palette: Wine on the lids and lips

I’ve talked a few times about Illamasqua ‘Havoc‘ liquid eyeliner, quite possible my beloved eyeliner of all time. A recent color palette love is Havoc lining the eyes with a glossy wine colored lips (a mixture of red matte lipstick+eyeliner+gloss). I often forgo blush with this look. Easy, peasy, quick.

illamasqua havoc pllus lip mix of eyeliner and red

Color Palette: Sixties Inspired?

Androgen – Forbidden Flower – Delicate Hummingbird – Blue Roan

There’s a color palette that I’m loving the past few months. It’s a combination of mauvey purple on the lids (I used Rouge Bunny Rouge ‘Delicate Hummingbird’), with a navy eyeliner (Rouge Bunny Rouge ‘Blue Roan’), bubble gum pink on the cheeks (Illamasqua ‘Androgen’ which translates warmer on my yellow tones) and peachy beige lips (Edward Bess ‘Forbidden Flower’, as close as can get as my HG nude beige color). It’s a fun color palette that is still work-appropriate.

fotd rbr blue roan delicate hummingbird

Review and Swatches: Rouge Bunny Rouge Blue Roan

RBR blue roan eyeliner3 illamasqua havoc wisdomThe recent Hautelook sale made the Rouge Bunny Rouge (RBR) Nocturnal Ink Satin Eyeliner slightly more affordable, so I ordered Blue Roan. It’s a dark navy blue felt-tipped pen. Previously, my favorite felt tipped liners came from Illamasqua: Precision Ink eyeliner in Havoc (a dark plum, on my second tube and 2 back-ups in my stash!) and Wisdom (a golden olive, first tube and one back up), always purchased during the frequent sales as the one they’re having RIGHT NOW! The Rouge Bunny Rouge felt liner is comparable, at least from my experience with Blue Roan.

As can be seen below, the RBR liner tip is very similar to Illamasqua’s, which is my preferred form for felt liner: long and pencil tipped. Blue Roan indeed gives the promised satin finish, and the staying power is excellent. As with these type liners, you need to give them time to set before moving your eyelids too far up to prevent smudging your upper lids. Flicking the cat-eye with these type liners is relatively easier.

One con of the RBR liner is the cap shuts down with a click, and can be taken off too easily. I personally would not be confident bringing this on my travels. The Illamasqua liner is a screw up one, so I will stick with these when traveling.

RBR top and Illamasqua bottom
RBR top and Illamasqua bottom
Top to bottom: Blue Roan, Havoc, Wisdom
Top to bottom: Blue Roan, Havoc, and two stripes of Wisdom (thicker line and smudged which is how I often wear it in lieu of eyeshadow, and thinner to line).
Rouge Bunny Rouge Blue Roan
Rouge Bunny Rouge Blue Roan

Diary of a Pencilophile: what to do when they’re almost worn down to a nub?

Eye pencils top to bottom: NYX Slide On in 'Golden Olive', Revlon Beyond Natural in 08 Plumberry and 06 Charcoal, MAC Pearlglide Eyeliner in 'Molasses', Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in 'Zero', Bourjois Metallics Eyeliner in 52 'Brun Inoxydable', Bourjois Contour Clubbing in 42 Gris Tecktoni.
Eye pencils top to bottom: NYX Slide On in ‘Golden Olive’, Revlon Beyond Natural in 08 Plumberry and 06 Charcoal, MAC Pearlglide in ‘Molasses’, Urban Decay 24/7 in ‘Zero’, Bourjois Metallics in 52 ‘Brun Inoxydable’, Bourjois Contour Clubbing in 42 ‘Gris Tecktonik’.

I am a pencilophile.¬† I went through 19 years of formal (and informal) education with a pencil in hand (including those automatic refill pencils). Obviously if you put makeup in pencil form? I’m on it!

I was also raised by thrifty sets of parents and grandparents who recycle old shirts¬† (into mittens, dusting cloths, etc) and barely-used toothbrushes (the sun’s uv light will kill all germs!).

Combined, and you have a pencil junkyard. I have many of these makeup pencils (most of them eyeliners) that’s been worn to almost a nub. Once they’re short, it’s harder to use and I end up using other, newer pencils. But I just can’t let go since I know there is still some color to be coaxed out of them. Some of these are years old; some have a cap that’s longer than the pencil!

I’ve just gone through the junkyard and the ones pictured above are still salvage-able. I have vowed to exclusively wear them in the next couple of weeks, and whatever is left by then, will need to go.

What do you do with your makeup pencils when they’re almost worn to a nub — do you persist? Until when?