Review and Swatches: Chanel Mediterranée Nail Polish

Chanel Mediterranee (2)When I first saw the Chanel Mediterranée nail polish online (summer 2015 collection), I headed straight to Michelle’s blog (aka the nail polish library) to check if she thinks there are dupes –  similar colors in non-Chanel price would be awesome. She did not, and I perfunctorily ordered one. Love blues, and this one looks like a stand out, therefore prone to quickly disappear from counters.

And ta-da! Here it is. It’s a wonderful blue indeed, not too bright and in low light there is a dusty quality to it. The closest similar thing I have in my arsenal is OPI’s Suzi says Fengshui.

The formula of my bottle is a bit thick, but nothing that a few drops of Seche Restore can’t help. I did two coats here, but in a jam, one coat should be fine. I’ve had mine on for 6 days and there is very, very minor chipping.

Now, it seems that I love this BUT in truth I am on the fence. It’s a bit off with my skin tone, especially on toes. The dusty quality that makes it unique seems to be working against me. I’ll play with it a bit before deciding whether I’m keeping it since the color is indeed quite unique.

Chanel Mediterranee (3)

Chanel Mediterranée OPI Suzi says Fengshui

Dupe Alert: Midnight Bloom and Mrs. Mia Wallace

urban decay mrs mia wallace and edward bess midnigt bloomDing ding ding, we have a dupe!

On my lips, Edward Bess Ultra Slick Lipstick in Midnight Bloom is virtually indistinguishable from Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Mrs. Mia Wallace (Pulp Fiction limited edition).

NYX SMLC Amsterdam + Black Eyeliner: A Lime Crime Wicked Dupe?

NYX Amsterdam mixed with varying degrees of Tarte Onyx black eyeliner
NYX Amsterdam mixed with varying degrees of Tarte Onyx black eyeliner

I did a quick swatch this morning of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (SMLC) in Amsterdam with black eyeliner (I used Tarte Onyx). I just mixed them on the lips, layering the black eyeliner on top of the red color and blending with my finger, and repeating until I get the desired mix. I usually do this to tame down Amsterdam to the level of the middle swatch (picture above). But this morning I tried to take it to extremes and darkened it slightly beyond my comfort level (right most picture). A dupe with Lime Crime Wicked? You be the judge. Perhaps the result would be nice with NYX SMLC Monte Carlo, which I do no have anymore. NYX Marocco would also work (see swatches below).

Top to bottom: Tarte Onyx black eyeliner, NYX Marocco, NYX Amsterdam
Top to bottom: Tarte Onyx black eyeliner, NYX Marocco, NYX Amsterdam

NYX Amsterdam Marocco Tarte Onyx




Review: Revlon Wintermint Nail Polish

Revlon 'Wintermint' nail polish
Revlon ‘Wintermint’ nail polish

I am a firm believer of fate. Here’s a case in point. I’ve been wanting the Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Dream for ages, and when one came on sale on Luxola Singapore, proceeded to order it for delivery to my Singapore hotel. When I arrived, it wasn’t there. Turns out the payment did  not go through. Dejectedly, I threw it out of my mind. But voila! While shopping the Singapore drugtores, Revlon Wintermint came into sight. It was about $9 Singapore dollars, half the Lippmann that was already on sale! Reportedly, this is also available in Indonesia at an even lower price (about Rp50k?).

Anyway, Wintermint is GORGEOUS! I did not have base or top coats when I put these on, but the result is stunning nonetheless, though as usual my crappy picture-taking ability doesn’t do it justice. This is from the Revlon Perfumerie line  of scented nail polish, and the mint scent is nice though it disappeared by day 2. Is is a dupe for Mermaid’s Dream? I think it’s close enough that my craving is sated – though if an opportunity to grab Mermaid’s Dream at a bargain arise, I may still succumb.

Also, how do you like my hennaed hand? I really enjoyed sitting down getting this done, while munching on sweets and my belly full of yummy Indian food, watching the Deepavali 2014 crowd in Singapore’s Little India. Seriously, I’ve never seen anything so rowdy in Singapore – jaywalking and all that! 😀

NOTW revlon wintermint2 NOTW revlon wintermint