[Music] Mona Lisa Smile Soundtrack

Karen mentioned watching the Mona Lisa Smile movie, which promptly made me want to listen again to its soundtrack. It’s an old-time favorite – I love re-interpretations of old classics. Tori Amos’ piece is a very fun one among a bevy of singers like Chris Isaak, Seal, Celine Dion…. etc.

More Bollywood Goodness: Melodic New Soundtracks

Sometimes it’s mind boggling how my mind works. A little whiff and I’m knee deep in something. And once I crawl out of it, another quite different whiff brings me chest deep into another…pit. Deep and happy.

I’m now into week 3 of my most recent Bolly sound extravaganza. I have to share a couple of favorite soundtracks. The first is a modern take filled with melodic ballads from the recent movie Ek Villain. The second is from a film to be released soon, Daawat-e-Ishq, with more traditional instruments mixed with string orchestra, the way I really love it (on top of which, the movie looks fun foodies). Enjoy!

One more! It’s not very recent, the soundtrack of the 2013 blockbuster Aashiqui 2

Let’s Talk Bollywood: Best Bolly Soundtrack of All Time

The other day I saw a new abbreviation to me; my corollary is the exact opposite PTBLM – Proud to be Low Maintenance. The simplest things make me happy, like a running Bollywood fiesta on TV during this holiday. I have my bouts of Bolly, K-pop, Turkish pop, country ….. etc and visuals usually trigger audio. Somehow this week my craving is for the Veer-Zaara Original Soundtrack (OST). Which is just the greatest Bolly soundtrack of all time. Challenge me? I’d love to hear your recommendations.

The Happiest Oscars Ever and “Let it Go!”

Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios

I watched the full 2014 Oscars here last night, and it was a truly entertaining and inspiring event. The most memorable moment for me is discovering ‘Frozen’, Disney’s new(ish?) animated film, through the powerful voice of Idina Menzel, singing the Oscar-winning track from the movie. LOVE Disney films. Having heard the original version though, I wish the Oscar version wasn’t so fast-paced that it’s hard to follow the powerful lyric.

EDIT: the joyful jibes of the Oscars continued with ‘Let it Go being played on classroom musical instruments on The Tonight Show. I am not an avid use of online social media because my god, so many stupid people are on there! BUT I have to admit the viral online good and gaffes of Oscar 2014 have been making me smile for a few days now.

Source: The Tonight Show

The best dressed of the Oscars? Jennifer Garner is my pick. In a sea of ivory lace and sparkle, she stood out. The hair, the makeup, the swinging dress, everything perfect!

Source: Hello Magazine

Luxury I can get behind: Film on the Rocks

film on the rocks thailand2

Luxury travel is over-rated. I have done it. Sure it’s nice to have the great accommodation and service, but the thing is, if that is not something regular on your plate, you’re inclined to stay in the room forever and enjoy the service. So what is truly luxurious? A one of-a-kind experience. A flight over sea lion rookeries on a float plane. Diving Raja Ampat on a live-aboard. And Film on the Rocks.

Film on the Rocks Yao Noi was held in Thailand last year. As I understand it, it is a series of activities, but to me the climax would be this screening of film in a purpose-built floating theater in a lagoon enclosed with rocky outcrops. The film was a first edition of ‘Peter Pan’. How glorious it must have been sitting there in the dark, imagining¬† yourself flying over the waters. You are that much closer to relating to Wendy!

film on the rocks thailand

Surely this set of organizers do not need suggestions of where to hold the next one, but how about amongst the Komodo dragons? Watching the original ‘King Kong’? Please do send me an invitation.

Photos are by Piyatat Hemmatat, (c) Studio-OS, via Co.Design. More pictures here.