Finally, an Entertaining Beauty Vlog: violette_fr

Most people talk too much on beauty videos. Talking without much content. Then Karen hooked me up to this gal and I’ve been binge watching! Violette_fr one speaks just enough words, with a specific style and a fresh take on beauty.

Blog statistics 2014

blog statistics 2013 2014bExcept for myself, I doubt anyone care about my blog statistics. But as a numbers geek, the daily stats are actually one of the blog’s personal joys. I just received the 2014 report, and I could not help comparing the make up of visitors across the years. People for 10 countries make up about 80% of visitors to this site last year, and the countries are more of less the same with 2013 except for Brazil, which was replaced by Germany in 2014. Herzlich willkommen! Bitte schreiben auf Deutsch wenn Sie wollen.

The composition of visitors have changed slightly with Asians (Indonesian, Philippines, United Malaysia) making a smaller percentage in 2014 than in the previous year. It’s curious that despite more local content, less Indonesians visit. Although come to think of it, perhaps the local content is more interesting for those who don’t actually live here. Overall, I’m pretty happy with how the blog is doing and hope to write sharper and funkier. Prost!

Blog One Year Anniversary and What I Learned about having My Own Site

blog stats

I can’t believe I have to renew the blog subscription already – it’s been almost one full year! The $169 for site subscription and basic add-ons are no small moolah, but it was a no brainer to continue. What I love most of course, is to be able to write my mind. Freedom is pricelessss, y’all! And I wish I had started the blog sooner, had I known its not that hard. A few other things I learned about developing my own (humble) site:

1. Creating a site is easy. Really. You need to invest the time to read read read, of course, but that’s a given for most things. I figure out all things for the blog myself, I’ve consulted no one except Google. I may not understand the whole thing, and doubtless I will not, but by doing you learn and figure things out. I had a free blogspot site years ago, and definitely the site-building process is now easier and more intuitive.

2. The price might be prohibitive for some people, but like I said, if  you just opt for minimal functions, it’s less than $200/year (roughly $17/month for me). The bulk of the cost is having my own domain ($120/year). If you opt to get a free site (at blogspot or, for example), they’re free.

3. There’s a host of support out there to help you commercialize your blog, you won’t believe it! Have you seen those blogs that contains nothing but one post but a very specific and comprehensive one that’s other sites provide in parts? Or blogs that copy other people’s content and put them together as a ‘summary site’ of sorts? They do that basically because they can put all sorts of monetizing links to it – whether they earn anything, I have no idea. I’m just saying it’s easy to do. But here’s the thing – you still have to think up of a content if you don’t want to be one of those lowly free-riders.

4. Google is getting smarter all the time, and they are able to separate the real contents with the dud sites that have no content but bunch of keywords. Oh, how I used to hate hate hate those sites! Google searches are a big part of getting my job done, and having to waste time sorting through phoney sites is such a damper on productivity. It used to be that the top 2-3 pages could be one of those dud sites, and I curse each and everyone of them as I visit. Thankfully, the Google Gods heard me, and they’ve been able to eliminate most phoney sites from searches. What I’m saying is, if your content is specific enough (don’t forget to add tags, name your photos, etc), Google will bring  people your way. I would estimate 90-95% visitors to this blog are referred by Google search. And for someone who reveres Google searches, this is very satisfying.

5. Of course, as a numbers geek, the blog statistics generated by WordPress is what I love most about having my own site. Not the numbers per se, but the presentation, the trend, the information — just awesome. For example, people from 63 countries have visited my blog; that’s half of all countries in the world, I think. And it was a surprise that a lot of Pinoys visit (mabuhay!) given that there’s so many more awesome beauty bloggers there; and that there are more Brazilians who come than Singaporeans!

Bottom line is, things are going better than I expected. I wish there were more comments, but it’s not a deal breaker.

Thank you all who have visited!

Blog visitors country of origin
Blog visitors country of origin

Hello world!

The title of the post is a generic one provided by WordPress, but it’s fitting so I will keep it.

I’ve been writing beauty and travel reviews elsewhere, but recently thought I’d be nice to have my own. There is already a slew of great beauty and nail blogs, many of which I’ve been regularly reading for the past few years (look for blogroll in the sidebar soon). So why another? Well, for one I think there is still a niche for an Asian perspective: a humid and hot clime is the true testing ground of good cosmetics. I also do  good amount of travel, often on the not so beaten path and based on experience, there is not enough info in English for this part of the region. Finally, I’m a researcher in my other life, so i look at jargons with a critical mind, and attack hype with zeal.