20140528_090622The Traveler is a beauty and travel enthusiast residing in the Greater Jakarta area, Indonesia. She blogs for neither fame nor fortune, but for a lifelong love of makeup and the written words. She reviews a mix of beauty brands, both local and international, some travel, and anything else that comes to her mind. Once in a while, a rant.

For comparison purposes, her facial skin is oily, yellow-toned, with shade around MAC NC 25. Her first love was perfumes, when she habitually ransacked her mother’s stash. She got her first beauty palette at age 11-12. Her oldest bottle of nail polish still in service is from year 1998/thereabouts. Items reviewed in this blog are bought with her own money; if they were not, it would be very clearly mentioned.

For travel purposes, she is a carpacker – a backpacker on wheels. She would prefer a beach holiday every time. She is also a foodie who resorts to the motto ‘ignorance is bliss‘ when encountering animal parts.


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