Another Iconic Look from the Duchess of Cambridge

kimono at the V&A

The Duchess of Cambridge had a very busy couple of weeks, which is great for her fans and fashion watcher in general. All her fashion choices of the week can be re-lived in Susan’s excellent blog, but I just want to highlight this iconic choice, the Erdem Alouette gown, which I will have to say is my favorite look of hers of all time, in this blog.

This was worn on a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum (“The World’s Greatest Museum of Art and Design”) to attend a function. As someone who has never been to the UK, I had fun looking over the V&A site, and found this section on the Kimono. People often commented these on Kate’s fashion choices: that it’s not flattering to her body; it’s not princessy enough; it’s too princessy; it’s not season-appropriate, etc. I believe, however, these considerations are not of paramount importance to her, but rather the occasion, and how best she could highlight an event, cause or venue of the moment. If you look at the header of the Kimono section of V&A, and her fashion choice, this consideration is very clear.  Another iconic, perfectly styled look that is educational to boot – that is, if you look beyond the visual aesthetics.

Duchess of Cambridge Erden gown2

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