THE Best Thing even Ahead of Sliced Bread: National Public Radio

nprVisitors of this blog probably saw a few times my link to the US National Public Radio (NPR) website, but this post is dedicated especially to honor this institution that’s been the best window to the world in my life for many years.

The NPR site is just chock full of wow stories. Take today, when I visited, I was greeted with the story of a seed vault, out in the Arctic, that has just gotten its first request – from Syria – for a seed withdrawal. A few clicks later, I was told that pasteurized milk that’s gone sour is actually good for pancakes. Finally, the sleep pass for kids is such a simple, no-brainer solution that I can’t believe parents took so long to figure out!

And we’re not even talking about the music, from every genre, that is filled to the brim on the site. I credit NPR for introducing me to many of the bands I currently love, e.g. The Frames and The National. Right now, I’m finding that I kinda like the latest album by Eagles of Death Metal. With that name, I never would have.

Really, if you haven’t visited this site, you’re missing out on life.

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