Review and Swatches: Nars Rotonde Blush

nars rotonde6Remember Nars Rotonde from the Pierre Hardy collection a couple of years ago? I was really lusting after it and its sister Boys don’t Cry. But alas, priced at $41 big ones, plus shipping and other fees, it was too much for my budget. One day a couple months ago, I saw Rotonde on Ebay aka my wonderful enabler, for about $35 including shipping. I did not think twice, and now it’s here rounding up my small, but beloved, Nars family.

Rotonde unblemished, with its full on zig zag pattern, is beyoootiful. I’ve managed to use just one side of the blush to retain the gold pattern on half of the palette. On me, Rotonde is a bronze-y orange; it is not the most pretty-fying blush in my arsenal, but the lasting power, blendability and general awesomeness, makes it a loved piece these recent weeks. It’s a great, neutral color paired with bright lipstick or dark smokey eyes.

I’m still keeping my eye out for a reasonably-priced Boys don’t Cry. Fingers crossed!

nars rotonde9nars rotonde3nars rotonde12

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