Blog statistics 2014

blog statistics 2013 2014bExcept for myself, I doubt anyone care about my blog statistics. But as a numbers geek, the daily stats are actually one of the blog’s personal joys. I just received the 2014 report, and I could not help comparing the make up of visitors across the years. People for 10 countries make up about 80% of visitors to this site last year, and the countries are more of less the same with 2013 except for Brazil, which was replaced by Germany in 2014. Herzlich willkommen! Bitte schreiben auf Deutsch wenn Sie wollen.

The composition of visitors have changed slightly with Asians (Indonesian, Philippines, United Malaysia) making a smaller percentage in 2014 than in the previous year. It’s curious that despite more local content, less Indonesians visit. Although come to think of it, perhaps the local content is more interesting for those who don’t actually live here. Overall, I’m pretty happy with how the blog is doing and hope to write sharper and funkier. Prost!

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