[Local]They must not have been virgins….

jakarta post batam clash picture
Source: The Jakarta Post

When I first heard about the clash between Indonesian soldiers and police in Batam, I told myself, those policemen and solders must not have been virgins when they applied to their academies.

What has virginity got to do with it??


Further, I would like to propose that all soldiers and police involved in the incidence be resorted to pay for all the ammunition losses and the destruction they caused. They should not get away with spending public-owned supplies and equipments for their little war game. They wanted to fight? They should’ve used their private tools and if there’s none, their own muscles. Soldiers and police should not use the people’s money to fund their antics. If they can’t pay, they should be consigned to forced labor to pay off their debts.

Rant over. For now.

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