Music: Shakira’s Empire

I was a fan of Shakira when she was a Colombian lady rocker, with her long brunette hair. Think Alanis Morissette rather than Beyoncé (though strangely, I have no interest in Alanis). Shakira’s slinky, slithering self did not interest me much and I sort of half listened to her lately. She’s still great, but not my jam most of the time. Also, i think she sings better in Spanish. The last Shakira album I bought must have been Fijación Oral, Vol. 1 (2005! Gosh!).

Until I heard this. THIS is the Shakira I love! Why have I just heard this now?!

[Coz I’ve been Jonita Gandhied-out, that’s why!]

I don’t like the video though.

Are you a Shakira fan?


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