[Local] Best Advertisement of All Time

My first ever full time job, even before I finished college, was in the creative department of a multinational advertising company. I was quick to decide it wasn’t intellectually challenging enough and too…. frivolous. I was there about 7 months but was involved in several pitches and campaigns. I don’t tell people, generally, and it’s not in my resume. But I’d like to think that I have a more practiced eye than most people and advertisements hold a soft spot in my  heart.

One of the best advertisements I’ve ever seen is one that’s been running for quite sometime on Youtube. It is by soapmaker Lifebuoy, about avoiding premature deaths amongst children less than 5 years old. It is very touching, naturally acted, and very precisely drive the point across. See for yourself.

I’ve been impressed by Lifebuoy for a long time. They are pretty focused with their campaigns, and their corporate social responsibility projects are right up their alley – promotion of hand washing with soap. Never discount the importance of soap when you’re hand washing my friends, your life may depend on it. And kudos for everyone at Lifebuoy for being exacting and unfrivolous. I’d have loved to work on this account.

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