[Local] Berita Local (or, the tough crowd in my household)

Joko Widodo on the cover of Time Magazine

Look who’s on the cover of Time! He will take the oath on 20 October 2014. Insyaallah, all will go well. Amin.
[Btw, I just noticed how brown his eyes are.]

On the other hand, the sore loser is being advised not to attend. Like, we care?

The other day, Professor (!) Didik Rachbini was on one of the tv channels. JakTV I think. He went on and on about the lack of poverty reduction in the last 3 years; the bad bad state budget, etc.

My Dad: ah, banyak omong! Menkonya siapa?! (Hatta Rajasa, Didik’s party leader).

Today, watching tv and the whole hoolabaloo of Rafi Ahmad’s wedding:

Dad: “Siapa dia?”

Mom: “Artis yang dulu ketangkep narkoba terus dikeluarin.”

Even the Jodha Akbar snooz-fest gets more respect in my household than Didik, Hatta, Rafi. .

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