Review: Agoda (


I just made my 33rd hotel room purchase on Obviously? I love Agoda!

I’ve never been shy about making online purchases. The first one I made was on Amazon in 1998 for a book. There’s no looking back since, and I would estimate that 80-90% of my current purchases (business or personal) are made online.

Agoda is a favorite for hotel purchases. No, it is not quite like Hotwire, but it’s good enough and the service is excellent. Here are some examples.

1. Struggling internet connection made me double purchase a room. In Singapore, of all places, where you’d think internet connection is reliable. I called Agoda up, and mentioned the problem, and right away they deleted the other booking — the charge did not even have time to make it to my credit card account (so no losses in currency exchange rate!)

2. Apparently my mental health was also unstable, because I made the above bookings (two incorrect ones) for the WRONG date! I arrived at the hotel and they did not find me in the system for that day. They do, however, have me in the system for the next day. Immediately I called Agoda again in their offices in Bangkok (find the number in their website) who immediately worked with the hotel to rectify the matter. It did not take more than 15 minutes to resolve all my woes, and in no time I was coolly ensconced in my spacious room. So people thinking that making online purchases via Agoda (and the like) will land them in hotel dungeons with teeming cockroaches and no room service? Are obviously living in the last century (not that long ago, admittedly).

3. The number of times I made changes to the booking name? Numerous! Well, in internet online sale terms, 4 is numerous. And in all those instances, I was able to make the requisite changes online, got confirmation online, and the said person arrived at the hotel with ease, as if the whole name change did not even happen. (But It did, ’cause someone didn’t bother to check their passport validity! *rolls eyes*).

4. Most times hotels don’t even require them to show you the printout reservation page, as long as your name is in their system (and your ID backs it up).

Agoda used to give points for hotel reviews but not anymore, so that’s a bummer. But I still love the points I get for booking and staying, for personal and for business purposes. For Asia, it really is the best at the moment.

Bottom line? Highly recommended, a 10!

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