When in Yogyakarta: My Favorite Foods

Bakpia pathuk Srikandi
Bakpia pathuk Srikandi

I recently has a last-minuted business trip to Yogyakarta. It was a couple of nights and I had so much work that I could not afford time for sight-seeing or shopping. I did take an hour break for lunch and to purchase a local delicacy.

The lunch was at B. Djuminten gudeg place on Jalan Asem Gede. Gudeg is a quintessential Yogya dish. It is made of boiled (unripe) jackfruit seasoned with spices and palm sugar, and eaten with a variety of condiments, e.g. chicken (breast, leg), boiled spiced egg and krecek (boiled cow or buffalo ski seasoned with chillies and other spices). I don’t really like gudeg in general — B. Djuminten’s the only one I’ve ever really like. I’ve tried a couple other famous gudegs in Yogyakarta but they’re not as good as Djuminten’s so I never bothered again trying others, especially since I usually have just one gudeg meal when in Yogya. I find Djuminten’s not as sweet and certainly more flavorful than the others. The restaurant is also small and quiet, compared to the other gudeg palaces that tourists flock to. My condiments of choice are a boiled egg and shredded chicken.

Another must eat is bakpia, a rounded pastry with filling (usually sweet red beans). The one I like is also from a small place that is relatively unknown and quiet — Srikandi on Jalan KS Tubun (formerly Jalan Pathok). It is located across the famed and huge Bakpia Pathok 25 on that road, but the quality is much better than Pathok 25 (or 21 and the rest). The crust is crumbly and tasty, like freshly baked croissants, and the filling is tasty (my favorite is the cheese and chocolate; the durian is also nice as it is not too pungent).

A place that is new to me is the Gadjah Wong restaurant. The place has a bit of a reputation that, having visited once, I think is justified. The concept is a bit dodgy as they serve Indian, Indonesian and Italian dishes (hmmm, there’s a pattern here). It’s rare that a place trying to do everything, excels in all. The lamb kofta that I tried for dinner, however, was really good, though the naan is too bulky and not flavorful (and also they could no make me a garlic naan). The price is also quite cheap, especially by Jakarta standard (the lamb kofta was just about Rp90,000 for a huge serving). I tried the Tirami Su (nope, that’s not a spelling mistake), and I guess the spelling is justified, as it’s more like a coffee ice cream cake rather than tiramisu, though delicious. I tried to visit again for lunch but the place was closed. It is definitely high up on my list for the next Yogyakarta visit.



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