The Happiest Oscars Ever and “Let it Go!”

Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios

I watched the full 2014 Oscars here last night, and it was a truly entertaining and inspiring event. The most memorable moment for me is discovering ‘Frozen’, Disney’s new(ish?) animated film, through the powerful voice of Idina Menzel, singing the Oscar-winning track from the movie. LOVE Disney films. Having heard the original version though, I wish the Oscar version wasn’t so fast-paced that it’s hard to follow the powerful lyric.

EDIT: the joyful jibes of the Oscars continued with ‘Let it Go being played on classroom musical instruments on The Tonight Show. I am not an avid use of online social media because my god, so many stupid people are on there! BUT I have to admit the viral online good and gaffes of Oscar 2014 have been making me smile for a few days now.

Source: The Tonight Show

The best dressed of the Oscars? Jennifer Garner is my pick. In a sea of ivory lace and sparkle, she stood out. The hair, the makeup, the swinging dress, everything perfect!

Source: Hello Magazine

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