Asia’s Top 50 Restaurants

Result of a Google image search for 'Manado Food"
Result of a Google image search for ‘Manado Food”

The Wall Street Journal blogged a list of Asia’s top 50 restaurants. There is a lot of Japanese restaurants and some Chinese outfits making the list, based on a survey of “900 people across the world—an anonymous mix of chefs and restaurateurs, food writers and critics, and food experts.”

Indonesia is represented by one restaurant in Bali. No restaurants in Malaysia or the Philippines made it on the list. See the full list here.

I guess it’s good that oriental cuisines reigns in the Orient, but it’s more because the cuisines of the Malay Archipelago  – vastly more varied, rich, and tasty – are not yet accessible to international visitors, who may shun street-food and mom-and-pop establishments. Well, it’s their loss and … more for me!

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