Year End Reflections and a Chance to Double the Value of Your Donation!

Double Your Impact

The year 2013 has not been easy for our family. In February, my dad lost sight in one eye due to a freak accident. In April, he was hospitalized for 3 weeks due to a  slipped disc, which took him months to recover from. All was quiet until early October, when we rushed mom to the emergency room for heart problems. Two more episodes followed, the last one was just a couple of weeks ago. In total, I’ve seen more emergency rooms this year than my whole life (none!), and have gone to 6 hospitals seeking treatment.

Throughout the ordeals, we are grateful to have the means to sought the best care, even to consult specialists overseas. We are helpful for fantastic health insurance that covered most of the treatments. Although there were disappointments, overall, care-givers (doctors, nurses, paramedics) were supportive. One doctor performed  nothing short of a miracle (a neurologist).

Our ordeal, however, is nothing compared to the people affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. I can not imagine living in barracks, with limited food, water, electricity, bad toilets, your belongings lost! And in those conditions, having to care for your loved ones who may be suffering injuries or illnesses. Please do not forget them this holiday season.

And here’s a chance to make a little difference. The United Nations Food Program is partnering with MasterCard to double any amount of your donation toward Typhoon Haiyan victims until 31 December 2013. Donate through this link, and each $ you donate will be matched one-for-one by MasterCard. That means if you donate $25, you’ll actually be donating $50; think of it as a buy one, get one free event. Surely no one wants to miss that!

From WFP:

Right now, we have a special opportunity for you to double your impact. Our partner MasterCard will match any new donation you make to support families in the Philippines through December 31st. For fathers like Rey Ediza, this is great news. He’s depending on WFP to help him take care of his girls Rachelle, five years old, and Rianna, who just turned one.

Ready-to-eat foods like “Plumpy’Doz” are specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of young children like Rachelle and Rianna. Plumpy’Doz tastes like peanut butter (which kids love), and it’s full of essential vitamins and nutrients — something you probably don’t think twice about, but Rey does.

By donating today, you can help ensure a family doesn’t just receive food – they receive the right food. A donation of $75 – when matched – provides nutritious food to a family for the next two months.

With your continued support, we can help give more parents in the Philippines something to smile about.

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