Makeup Space-saving Tips for When Traveling


Lush Toothy Tab 'Sparkle'
Lush Toothy Tab ‘Sparkle’ (Source)

The ‘travel’ part of the blog is languishing, I know. But it’s infinitely harder for me to put together travel tales that aren’t overly tip-y or hippy. And I do not want to be giving yet another passé travel tips that everyone knows. Plus I know my happy hippy kinda traveling aren’t for everyone. So finding a balance is hard.

But anyway, I have an overseas trip coming up in a few weeks. It’s a 3-day work thing at a very posh hotel, so I can wear all matter of unpractical finery. However? I will also have to lug more than 30kgs of equipment and supplies for the trip (at one similar trip, my total lug was close to 60kg of 3 separate pieces, all by myself; I still have a thumb that has not recovered from that trip). So I will not have room for much personal luggage. Usually, skincare and makeup take a back seat to shoes, bags, clothes, as I can wear the most unpractical makeup even in the heat of my commute, atop multiple transportation vehicles, anytime. But stiletto booties and lambkin bags? The sterile Shangri-La is their home.

What I do to save space.

1. Lush Toothy Tabs instead of toothpaste

This is the latest of my space-saving gadget. Lush Toothy Tabs are toothpaste in compressed, tablet form. You only need one for each brushing session, so for a 3-day trip I need only 5; heck I’ll even bring one extra to spare. I don’t even bother to take the whole box, just ones that I need, wrapped snug in a paper. Don’t worry that they’ll crush, they’ll still be usable (you actually crush them in your mouth prior to brushing).

2. Your usual skincare, just enough of it

I’m not really a fan of bringing sample sizes of new skincare that I haven’t tried before, even though my skin is a hardy thing. Because I just can’t risk or afford the discomfort when I’ll be busy, and without my usual home arsenals. So what I do can be one of several modi operandi, depending on how much space wiggle room I have. One is to bring skincare in the last vestiges of its life. In fact, whenever I have skincare that I almost finish, I usually don’t use it up completely but leave a few days’ worth. I bring these on trips, and use them up while I’m there. And the packaging waste? Becomes the problem of the host country! Yes it’s a little teeny bottle, but oh so satisfying to know that it’s their problem now.My sister does the extreme of this. She brings used batteries (a dangerous chemical waste) on her trips to first world countries, so that these become their problem.

Another modus operandi is to bring sample sizes of your usual skincare. Well this one everyone knows to do, I guess. What I am not a fan of, is to depot skincare/haircare to travel containers, they risk spilling and oxidation. Well except for shampoo and the Burt’s Bee’s Orange Essence Facial Cleanser, which I do need to depot. But facial creams/lotions/serum? No depoting for me.

3. Don’t lug water around!

Bring as much as solid products as you can (e.g. creams instead of lotions). You don’t want to be lugging water around when you have luggage space limitations! If you need the spread, use it later on damp skin. That’s why I like Lush solid shampoos; these don’t really agree with my scalp in the long term, but for one or two shampooing occasions? They’ll do.

4. Bring makeup in pencil or pen form

I love the fact that all manner of makeup now comes in pencil or pen form: eye and lip products, blush, even foundation! They’re so easy to transport and takes no space at all! I haven’t yet found a good foundation in pen form, but I know they’re out there; I just have to find it.

Burt's Bees Radiance Serum (Source}
Burt’s Bees Radiance Serum (Source}

5. Makeup that are multifunctional

I love Becca’s Beach Tint. They double duty as lip color and lip hydrating apparatus, check color, and eyeshadow base! So is Burt’s Bees serums, such portable size!. I like the Burt’s Bees Radiance Serum for trips, it is amazingly hydrating, yet not at all sticky, and absorbs fast! During trips I use it day and night all over the face, including eyes. Makeup tools are also perfect targets for double or triple duties. I like the Ecotools Retractable Brush, which I use for basically everything except washing the undies (e.g. putting foundation, blush and powder, and touching up). The Beauty Blender makeup sponge is also a key multifunction item that weighs almost nothing!

So what are your makeup/skincare space-saving techniques?



3 thoughts on “Makeup Space-saving Tips for When Traveling”

  1. If it is just a short trip, I bring facial sheet masks (e.g. Mybeautydiary, SK II essence mask) instead of the whole arsenal of my skincare routine bwahaha #pemalastingkatdewa. Ga Ada tempo ngedepot and by the time I reach the hotel, I usually all worn out. Langsung mandi, nge-teh sambil maskeran.

    Bawa compact foundation, bobby brown pot rouge, maybelline instant age rewind, pen eyeliner, max factor/nyx jumbo eyepencil/shadow, solid perfume. I hate traveling with bottles or brushes.

    1. Hey I forgot about the masks, yes I usually carry one of the facial sheet masks too! And the solid perfume, that is so true, also good for the hair.
      Thanks Bungjer! 😀

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