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"Dear Life" by 2013 Nobel Prizewinner for Literature Alice Munro
“Dear Life” by 2013 Nobel Prizewinner for Literature Alice Munro (Source)

In the 7th grade one summer school, we were asked to write reviews of books we read. The student with the most review will get a prize.

I was all excited, the little bookworm. Our family trips to the local library already resulted in a car trunk full of books. I would borrow 8 books at a time and revel at the luxury of the United States of America. I was sure I could win.

At the end of summer, I handed over my assignment. Upon receiving my bulk of papers:

Mrs. Matsushima: “Books you read this summer, not your whole life!”

Me: “But those are books I read this summer!” *rolls eyes*

Mrs. Matsushima: “Well, here’s your prize.”

Me: *Accepts the can of Sprite with mouth open*

Yeah, good thing I did it for the love of reading, not cans of soda. But I get out of it a good story to show just how much I LOVE READING!Β And that I was ecstatic, BEYOND ECSTATIC, when I found this site: The Book Repository. It has FREE SHIPPING TO INDONESIA! On everything!

Well, excuse the exclamation marks, but I. am. ecstatic. I just ordered a few stuff. One by Alice Munro, this year’s Nobel Prizewinner for Literature. I am sure I’ve read her works before, but I can’t recall which. So for now I am ordering Dear Life, I believe her latest work. In an interview (I don’t remember where, as I read several once the news broke, as I wanted to know if I’ve read any of her works), Alice herself recommended this to start.

Happy weekend!

5 thoughts on “Free Shipping on Books! To Indonesia!”

  1. Seriously ? This website is heaven-sent!
    Thanks for letting us know, Len πŸ™‚
    I am ordering Alice Munro’s Dear Life as well, considering it consisted of short (love) stories, well-fitted with my brain capacity (ciyuz, ga sanggup ni otak kalo baca novel panjang2)

    1. You bet am serious!! I bought books already. You know after getting a tablet, I never thought I’d buy another book ever, but some places you can’t really take the table with you, esp for a klutz like me, e.g bathtub, poolside etc. And short stories are perfect! And Dear Life is on sale! Go go go!
      Actually, I found this site from a fellow FD-er, myria rafiz. Thank you jeeeeng.

  2. This is heaven! As for these times I’ve been ordered books from Amazon with shipping cost that you could use to order another book πŸ™
    Thanks for this great info! πŸ™‚

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