Skincare review: Nature Republic cleansing oils

Left: Chamomile Cleansing Oil; Right: Olive Cleansing Oil
Chamomile Cleansing Oil (left) and Olive Cleansing Oil (right)

My favorite facial cleanser is the cleansing oil, and Muji makes my favorite (cleansing oil for sensitive clean). That doesn’t stop me to try other brands, just to see if there’s anything better. A few weeks ago Nature Republic Forest Garden cleansing oils were on sale at Qoo10, and bought them. They were about $25 together, not a bad deal since a bottle contains 200ml.

There are several variants of these Nature Republic Forest Garden Cleansing Oils, and I got the Chamomile and the Olive ones. They are both about similar in consistency, texture and in cleansing ability. As with other cleansing oils I’ve encountered, you message the oil on your dry face; do not wet your face prior to messaging or you’ll dilute the oil’s cleansing ability. Once done with the messaging, rinse the oil off with water.

All my makeup came off with these, including waterproof ones. The Chamomile version rinses off slightly more squeaky clean than the olive one. BUT not squeaky clean enough for me. I do not like that feeling of having a film over my face after washing, thin as the film seems to be. Also? They both smell too sharp for my nose. If you practice double cleansing (i.e. use another cleanser such as a foaming one after cleansing oil), this might work for you.

Bottom line: Muji still makes my favorite cleansing oil.

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