Luxury I can get behind: Film on the Rocks

film on the rocks thailand2

Luxury travel is over-rated. I have done it. Sure it’s nice to have the great accommodation and service, but the thing is, if that is not something regular on your plate, you’re inclined to stay in the room forever and enjoy the service. So what is truly luxurious? A one of-a-kind experience. A flight over sea lion rookeries on a float plane. Diving Raja Ampat on a live-aboard. And Film on the Rocks.

Film on the Rocks Yao Noi was held in Thailand last year. As I understand it, it is a series of activities, but to me the climax would be this screening of film in a purpose-built floating theater in a lagoon enclosed with rocky outcrops. The film was a first edition of ‘Peter Pan’. How glorious it must have been sitting there in the dark, imagining¬† yourself flying over the waters. You are that much closer to relating to Wendy!

film on the rocks thailand

Surely this set of organizers do not need suggestions of where to hold the next one, but how about amongst the Komodo dragons? Watching the original ‘King Kong’? Please do send me an invitation.

Photos are by Piyatat Hemmatat, (c) Studio-OS, via Co.Design. More pictures here.



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