Products local beauty brands should be developing

nail polish stash

Having been a faithful and (mostly) indiscriminate consumer of the beauty industry, I am somewhat disappointed that the local Indonesian brands are missing out on a lot of opportunities for growth. They churn out the same products again and again and again (and help me god if i hear another word of ‘khatulistiwa’ in a marketing spin!).

Off the top of my head, these are what we seriously lack:

1. Nail polish

If you’re in the United States or Korea, you’ll find that every makeup brand and their sister has a nail polish line. Indonesia has none, not one. The last time I checked, there are more than 80 million women over the age of 15 in Indonesia. It’s like the whole country of Germany not having their own nail polish: 80 million sets of 20 nails. It is mind boggling.

2. Oil cleansers

If you aren’t using oil cleansers you are a moron. I was such a moron until a few years ago, always feeling that the oils I tried leave too much of a filmy residue, and that double cleansing is too much trouble/too stripping, etc. Until I found my holy grail of oil cleansers, the Muji for Sensitive Skin. I may or may not do a review in the future, but the term ‘holy grail’ should suffice to reflect the gravity of my love for oil cleansers: it cleanses the face with its slimy, slippery goodness, avoiding any tugging, dispenses with the cotton ball (and more tugging), gets into the crevices of your face including inner lash line without stinging (most of the time), and washes away squeaky clean clean clean,with WATER. It is also a repeat buy. Really, beauty brands, YOU. WILL. PROFIT.

3. Mascara

The best mascaras are still the foreign brands, from Maybelline to Majolica Majorca, and everything in between. I don’t understand how it is so hard to make mascara?? Black pigments and some emulsifier, and there you have it. One can even copy the brushes galore. What is so hard? This is also a repeat buy; apart from facial powder and lipstick, it is one decorative item that people are likely to buy a few times a year. It’s a necessity,

4. Primers

It is 2013 and where is my locally-made siliconey goodness of priming apparatus?? Again, what is so hard? Just schlep some silicones, aloe vera what-nots, perhaps even some zinc oxides for sun protection, and there you have it. La Tulipe has an eyeshadow base, praise them, but it’s a wee bit draggy, ensuing in some pulling of the eyelids that we all can do without.

In the last few years, I’ve seen development in the are of sunscreens and eyeliners, so I’m not going to bitch about these. For now. But really, it’s taken you this long, brands? Must I go and develop these myself?!

Anyway, if you decide to make them, and make the profit, you know where to find me. I have more ideas where that’s coming from.

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