Orange, juicy orange

Orange is one of my favorite makeup color. Orange and coral and turquoise and olive…..

A couple of my other Illamasqua possessions are ‘Temper’ intense lip gloss (“bright tangerine orange”) and ‘Apex’ powder compact eyeshadow.

illamasqua apex temper

Temper intense lip gloss on the left; Apex eyeshadow on the right

My Temper arrived with a horribly splayed brush, and that is why it does not get as much loving as it should from me. It is bright and fun, though very sticky. It is more orange in real life than my picture depicts below.

Apex was bought to be used as blush. I love that it is compact, and that the lasting powder is great. It does not turn terracotta on me provided I do not blend it too much (I use a tapping motion for application). It’s currently on sale for £5. If you are lacking an orange-red blush, go grabby.


illamasqua apex temper3

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