The Little Prince has Grown

prince george3Kensington Palace released a series of photos of the toddle Prince George. So cute. And what he’s wearing sold out even before the official pictures were released.

We should invite them over. Put the three of them in batik, looking over Borobudur/some beach/ some mountain, and whole industries will go into overdrive for years to come. Ah, one can dream.

prince george2 prince george

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[Local]Televisi Pembodohan Nasional

Atau Televisi Bodoh Nasional? Nonton TVOne selalu bikin emosi. Sore ini program mengangkat kenaikan harga US dollar vis a vis Rupiah. Argumen penyiar adalah bahwa turunnya nilai Rupiah terhadap dollar menyulitkan masyarakat. Ada Kwik Kian Gie, yang berargumen bahwa rakyat sulit, dan menunggu gebrakan Jokowi misalnya melarang masuknnya buah impor sama sekali.

Pertama, yang kesulitan dengan naiknya nilai $ adalah orang yang komponen konsumsi barang impornya tinggi. Apakah ini orang miskin? NO! Ini adalah wartawan yang suka pakai barang impor, middle class yang komponen konsumsi impornya besar. Kalau orang kayak yang suka mejeng di majalah Tattler sih gak kena efeknya, their money are already in US$ and perhaps even overseas.

Kedua, yang kesulitan dengan naiknya nilai $ adalah orang yg HUTANGNYA banyak dalam dollar. Contohnya? Hehehe saya gak usah bilang, tau sendiri kan (dan hampir default gak bisa bayar hutang).

Ketiga, banyak yang senang dengan dollar mahal. Pertama, orang2 yg ekspor (dan bahan bakunya komponen lokal) karena produknya semakin bersaing di pasar ekspor. Di dalam negeri, produk-produk lokal juga semakin berdaya saing dengan produk impor. Bayangkan, dulu harga lipstick Sariayu Rp35 ribu dibandingkan dengan harga lipstick MAC di bawah Rp200rb. Sekarang, lipstick Sariayu Rp35rb dan lipstick MAC menembus Rp300rb. Kalau anda punya anggaran satu juta rupiah untuk membeli kado natal untuk 5 orang, tebak produk mana yang anda akan beli, produk impor atau buatan dalam negeri?

Keempat, kalau anda sekarang merasa SULIT dengan dollar naik, mendukung kebijakan ala Kwik Kian Gie dengan menutup keran impor sama sekali akan membuat anda MATI. Jadi adalah kebodohan kalo dalam satu kata bilang lho kok sekarang sulit, di lain pihak bilang ayo jadikan keadaan semakin sulit. But you know what, those folks are too ignorant to understand their fallacy of argument. *geleng-geleng*

Tahu gak kayak gimana negara yang tertutup keran impornya? Coba cek bagaimana orang di Kuba dan Korea Utara hidup. Mau seperti itu? Kalau saya sih ogah, anda saja pindah ke sana, sekeluarga TVOne lebih bagus lagi.


Review and Swatches: Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation Shade 9

illamasqua skin base foundation shade 09 b

I must have 5-6 foundations in rotation at the moment, no to mention bb and cc creams galore. However, I couldn’t resist when a chance to buy the Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation at a discount came. Regularly £32, I was able to snatch one for £21 inclusive of shipping from ASOS. Given that this foundation is something I’ve been curious to try, I pressed the buy button and so far, no regrets.

What. According to Illamasqua,

“This cult blendable, medium coverage formula primes, hydrates and controls shine in one. Creating a perfect finish, this is the ultimate ‘skin realism’ foundation.”

Well, that’s a pretty tall order, and calling your own a ‘cult’ product is a bit much. However, I’ve learned to take brand’s hype with lemons, considering as a direction of what the product should be, rather than what it is. The ingredients include mineral oil, various silicones, glycerine and some vitamin c. For a complete list, please check the Illamasqua’s website.

Shade. The only thing I was a bit hesitant of was the shade. After poring over online swatches, I chose No. 9, described as olive yellow undertone. It turns out to be one of the best foundation shade match I’ve ever had. My face is about MAC NC 30 but my neck area is a couple of shades lighter (about NC 20), so I always aim to match my neck. As you can see below, No. 9 is very close to my neck shade.

Texture, Coverage and Finish. I would describe the texture of the Skin Base Foundation as medium thick. It is not runny but also not thick (my thickest liquid foundation would probably be the Kat von D Lock-It Tattoo foundation). Coverage for me can go from sheer to full coverage, although the later will really result in very obvious layers. I found that the best result is to aim for slightly less than medium coverage, and compensate with a thicker finishing powder which also tones down the dewy-ness and gets me the matte finish that I like.

Lasting Power. The lasting power of this foundation is quite good, though on its own oil control is slightly lower than my favorite foundations. Frankly, I’ve ceased to rely on foundations for oil control, so this is not such a big con in my book.

Overall, I like the Skin Base Foundation and concur with the glowing reviews. Illamasqua says this foundation is inspired by Asian bb creams, and I see what they mean. I would say though that in terms of coverage, the Skin Base Foundation wins. Asian bb creams, however, usually have sun protection built in, which the Skin Base Foundation lacks. This may be a good thing for some people, since there is no white cast and extra oiliness/heaviness.

Left: one sheer layer on bare skin (no moisturizer etc); Rgh: topped with blush and loose powder. Note that the finish with or without moisturizer does not vary much. Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation Shade 9 splotched all over moisturized bare face

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation Shade 9 splotched all over moisturized bare face

After foundation and blush, in medium coverage before finishing powder (note the un-matte finish on my oily skin, which necessitates a mattifying powder)

After foundation and blush, in medium coverage before finishing powder

Still Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation Shade 9, but in different lighting. This would be lower than medium coverage with a heavy dose of Chanel Universal Loose Powder (shade 30) plus blush (from a Tarte blush palette). This is my preferred coverage and finish with Skin Base Foundation

Still Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation Shade 9, but in different lighting. This would be lower than medium coverage with a light dusting of Milk of Magnesia on the t-zone underneath to mattify and heavy dose of Chanel Universal Loose Powder (shade 30) on top plus blush (from a Tarte blush palette). This is my preferred coverage and finish with Skin Base Foundation

illamasqua skin base foundation shade 09 c

Application ala tinted moisturizer/bb cream, i.e on bare skin (no moisturizer, primer etc) (left); plus loose powder and blush (middle and right)






[Music]Chambao or, when I could not find what I wanted

Chambao title albums

There was another group that I liked on the radio, but for the life of me I could not find them. The shops thought it was Chambao (when it was a trio) – it’s very close but somehow not quite. And no, I did not try singing to emulate (as you will learn after listing to the music, which if one is to categorize would be new flamenco or flamenco chill?).

I’ve resigned myself to never finding them, especially after these years. Perhaps it was a small regional group unknown in Madrid, perhaps it was not even from Spain. But Chambao was a discovery that cam close. They have all albums free to listen to online, check them out and see if it’s something you might learn to love. I have.

[Music] A Puro Dolor

I first encountered this song on the radio. It’s not usually my cup of tea in terms of songs (mariachi style?), but the lyric is one of the most poetic (and heart-breaking) I’ve ever heard. I went to find the singer’s album, and having not known the title, I practically sang the refrain to the shop assistant at El Corte Ingles. Voila, she knows the song and is a fan of the singer, Angela Carrasco.

Fairly recently, Youtube sent me a gift of other versions. I’ve since put Son of 4 in my favorites folder. Which version do you like?

PS, Jason Timberlake is a bonus – I barely remember he was in NSYNC.